Sweet Bump It is a 7-piece rock & roll, funk & soul band from Los Angeles, California. The band was born of a vintage friendship between lead singer and guitar player, Paco Nicole and bass player, Jenna Eyrich. The pair have been making music since high school. 

Sweet Bump It formed in early 2013 as a foursome and quickly grew to a septet after recruiting friends to join as background vocalists. Since their formation, Sweet Bump It has created their own creative community and has been consistently playing shows in Los Angeles, proper.   The septet melds together their rock, funk, blues, soul and disco influences into their own unique sound. Their live show, their recordings, flyers, photographs and virtually everything Sweet Bump It puts out has the band's unique style, fresh perspective and drips of all the fun that they have working together.

Sweet Bump It "could very well be a reimagining of a Daptone act with a punk spirit. [The band] is the unlikeliest garage revivalists, playing a more agreeable and less snotty form of chugging blues rock that is loaded with primal power and an utter sense of fun."   - The Deli Magazine  

The band recorded and released their debut EP, First Slice in September 2013. Most recently they have had a string of singles released: Slow Down (December of 2014), Animal (January 2015) and That You Love Me (February 2015) and their self-titled, debut album released on March 31, 2015. 

The band completed their first West Coast tour in Spring 2015 and has begun recording a follow up release.

Lead Vocals, Guitar | Paco Nicole

Guitar | Andrew Parker

Bass  |  Jenna Eyrich

Drums  |  Jay Doo

Background Vocals|  Lisa Deines, Francesca Salac + Marlaine Reiner