"My Q&A With: Sweet Bump It"

Ker's Corner

By Kerin Maguire on 09/02/2014

Less than a month ago Los Angeles based band Sweet Bump It released a music video for their new song “Dauphine”. A cameo from Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese in and of itself marks the video as noteworthy; the comical plot and mélange of grunge, funk, rock, and soul are a bonus. Paco, the lead singer of Sweet Bump It filled me in about the band, an ideal music festival lineup (featuring Prince, of course) and the band’s exciting plans for the future.

How would you describe Sweet Bump It?

Sweet Bump It is comprised of 7 band members- I play guitar and sing, Jenna Eyrich plays bass, Andrew Parker plays guitar, Jay Doo on drums, and Marlaine Reiner, Lisa Deines and Francesca Salac are our background vocalists- but beyond that, Sweet Bump It has built an amazing and solid community of people around us. It’s a giant group of friends that are literally trying to create good vibrations and simply have fun because life is fucking short. Read More.



by Juan Rodriguez, Published: August 27, 2014

Echo Park septet Sweet Bump It can be described as the unlikeliest garage revivalists, playing a more agreeable and less snotty form of chugging blues rock that is loaded with primal power and an utter sense of fun. The video for the track "Dauphine" shows the band members playing in true form, featuring singer/guitarist Nicole "Paco" De Leon" wielding her guitar with a soulful disposition as the other band members - and three backup dancers to boot - augment the song's musicality. Sweet Bump It could very well be a reimagining of a Daptone act with a punk spirit, and "Dauphine" is proof they've got the chops to live up to that promise. Read More. 





Seldom have we come across band that less looks the part as Sweet Bump It, the Echo Park-based septet who appear to have just walked out of an Adrienne Rich study group. You know what they say about looks, though. Fronted by diminutive shredder-in-training Nicole “Paco” de Leon and co-founded by Jenna Eyrich, Sweet Bump It are bumping fairly straight-ahead blues-rock. Read More.


By Nate Jackson Thu., Aug. 8 2013 at 2:00 PM

One thing a lot of Orange County bands probably don't count on when they get the Weekly's attention is our desire to follow them even after they make the inevitable move to LA. Note to all the good OC bands out there: You leave us, and we will stalk you! So it's that commitment to local music that found us on the front porch at Sweet Bump It's Echo Park pad late last night, shuffling though a laptop bag to find a recorder in the dark next to overflowing ashtrays and a flotsam of porch chairs... Read More.